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Area of a chord of a circle formula

Chord Length Using Perpendicular Distance from the Center. Chord Length = 2 × √ (r 2 − d 2) Chord Length Using Trigonometry. Chord Length = 2 × r × sin (c/2) Where, r is the radius of the circle. c is the angle subtended at the center by the chord. d is the perpendicular distance from the chord to the circle center..

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Definition: Circle formulas are equations designed to calculate aspects of a circle including area, circumference, diameter, and interior angles. Here are some of the main formulas. Diameter of a circle formula. D = 2 × r. Circumference of a circle formula. C = 2.

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In this article we will study about circle formulas. Here, ... Or, say the longest chord of circle. Chord: The line segment joining any two point on the circle is called chord. ... Find the area of circle. Solution: D = 2r r = D/2 r = 7 cm Area = πr 2 Area= \(\frac{22}{7}\)x 7 2.

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The formula to calculate the volume of a sphere is given by: V= 4/3πr 3. where r is the radius of the sphere. Surface Area of a Sphere: The surface area of a solid object is a measure of the total area that the surface of the object occupies. The formula to calculate the surface area of a sphere is given by: A= 4πr 2.

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Circular segment - is an area of a "cut off" circle from the rest of the circle by a secant (chord). On the picture: L - arc length h - height c - chord R - radius a - angle. If you know the radius and the angle, you may use the following formulas to calculate the remaining segment values: Circular segment formulas. Segment area: [1] Arc length.

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